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Here’s what customers have had to say: 

Frankly, this might be the best deal on the island. Everyone should look into having EcoUpgraders do a service. You will earn back the cost (already very reasonable) pretty quickly with a lower utility bill. Can’t recommend this company more highly.” 

-Kate M.

“Jennifer did an amazing job of assessing my home and making it more energy efficient.  It was a great experience! “

-Sherri R.

“Thanks so much for checking our home, educating us and giving us new habits to work on. We have been making progress by making changes in our water consumption and using less hot water, turning off lights regularly and I am experimenting by using cold water with our wash loads. EcoUpgraders rocks and is an awesome service!”

-Ruby M.

“I would highly recommend this to everyone who has an interest in living healthier and saving money. I have a solid understanding of practical ways to reduce my energy use (a Ph.D. in engineering and a faculty position researching renewable energy), but I was completely impressed with the depth of thought that EcoUpgraders went through the major areas of my home with. I’m extremely happy with the lower energy costs I will be incurring from now on along with the reduction in carcinogenic chemicals in my home. We made a series of small changes and recommendations which will save me money immediately, which is highly impressive considering my low energy consumption lifestyle and the fact that I’m a one person household. Even with my meager electric bill, I calculated that the money I’ll be saving will pay for the EcoUpgraders service in 2-3 months, and afterwards, it’s just money in my pocket. The savings for bigger homes and families I bet would be far greater.”

-Scott H., Ph.D.

“I was impressed by the many tips and insights that EcoUpgraders had to offer for “greening” my condo.  It was a friendly and productive consultation that comes with practical advice for improving your health and cutting costs.  It’s amazing how much money you can save just by installing high efficiency shower heads and cleaning the refrigerator coils and dryer vents.  A valuable service.”

-Stuart Coleman, Executive Director of Hawaii’s Surfrider Foundation


Here’s what leading industry professionals have to say:

“For the challenges that face the world today: an energy crisis, a climate crisis, and socioeconomic crises, EcoUpgraders delivers a home run.”

-Zach Shahan, Site Director of CleanTechnica, the world’s #1 clean energy news and information site

After watching the EcoUpgraders service, I am now a lot more aware of where my electricity is being used unnecessarily. Both at work and at home, now, we can start saving money and energy right away. Thank you…very much, EcoUpgraders!” 

-Scott Williams, President, Lex Brodie’s

“EcoUpgraders is a no-brainer. It simply and affordably targets the mass market where other clean energy technologies cannot go. Home owners and renters see instant savings in utility costs without major lifestyle changes with the ROI under 6 months in most markets.  More importantly EcoUpgraders acts without the complication, utility approval, and expenses of wind turbines and PV. Scott and his team have kept strict focus maintaining a simple, effective, green, and profitable business model that has endless franchise opportunities. It is one of those ideas where you think- Why didn’t I think of that?

-Steve Haumschild, MBA, Angel Investor, Consultant and Serial Entrepreneur