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Money saving efficiency services for property managers

Condo Boards * Hotels * Bed & Breakfast * Vacation Properties * Offices * Military Housing

  • reduce utility expenses
  • extend the life of appliances
  • improve air quality in your buildings
  • increase the satisfaction of those you serve


Our Experience, Your Benefit

EcoUpgraders has worked with companies big and small to address efficiency needs in their housing units. Each service is customized, scaleable, and carries a tremendous potential ROI, as efficiency is hands-down the biggest bang for the buck. But don’t take our word for it. Our biggest client to date is a military housing management company with thousands of managed homes across Hawaii.

“[Our company] has formed a successful union with EcoUpgraders to provide a unique service for our 6,000 plus residents. By working with our residents to help them identify conservation opportunities in their homes residents can experience reduced energy costs at the same time helping to conserve our valuable natural resources. The program EcoUpgraders offers to our residents includes valuable tips and suggestions on how to use energy wisely but also expands in to other areas of their life including how to save costs in operating their personal vehicles. We have received very favorable feedback from our residents that have used the service and intend to continue to offer this program in the future. We look forward to a continued relationship working with EcoUpgraders”.

Susan R., Director of Property Operations, Hawaii

For this large scale housing management company, the environmental and economic impacts are a big part of the appeal of EcoUpgraders, but the personalized attention we give to each of their residents helps them achieve higher approval ratings among their residents, which ultimately can lead to better financial opportunities for them in government contracting processes. A true win-win-win.

Custom software, custom support, custom reports

EcoUpgraders understands there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we customize each job, for each client, for all types of properties. Each client gets this custom solution based on collaboration that results in a thorough and pre-approved scope of work:
Design stuff.002Design stuff.003Design stuff.007

Whatever scope of work you have in mind, we can handle it. We can gather data, audit areas, take photos and notes, identify areas you need to be aware of, engage with the residents at whatever scale you’d like us to, and achieve great returns on energy and water efficiency. Think of us as your “boots on the ground”: doing maintenance, installing fixtures, doing repairs, checking for leaks…you name it.

Detailed reports direct to you

EcoUpgraders’ custom software forms are built with reporting in mind. Whatever data and information you’d like to collect from the housing units you manage, we can tailor our reports for you around these inputs:

custom reports1

Work with us

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